Interlude! I’m halfway through the Yuri on Ice commercial eyecatch foods now, and I have to prepare myself for spending like $80 on some hairy crabs because they are a) imported, b) not in season, and c) famous (idk what a better way of saying this would be??) and thus exorbitantly expensive. I am tempted to just take pics of them in the grocery store and then buy a more reasonably priced crab. I’m not here to make money on blogging nerd food things, but I also don’t want to run up my credit card!

Anyway, while I debate the merits of being true to the crab versus financial responsibility, I bring cookies. Makkachin cookies. Cookies in the shape of everyone’s favourite dog poodle friend from Yuri on Ice. I first came up with this idea because of some adorable keychains – if I’m going to be mimicking the commercial eyecatches, what’s stopping me from doing official merch, too? It’s probably way too overly ambitious to do all of the desserts, even for me, so instead I homed in on the Makkachin cookie on Victor’s keychain.