Hinabe, as it is called in Japanese, is where you have a big pot of soup and you cook meats, vegetables, and noodles in it. Typically you’ll also have a dipping sauce. I’m a HUGE fan of hot pot (as I have always called it and will continue to call it throughout this post), and I was super excited to see it on Yuri on Ice! Even if the adorable Guang-hong doesn’t like it much, haha.

I was so excited for it and so into the planning for this post that I procrastinated the kibidango post hahahaha.

I usually go out to a restaurant for hot pot, especially with the recent explosion of big-name Mainland restaurants opening up here, but every once in a while, my family will pull out the portable burner and we’ll do it ourselves. The restaurants have a ton of broth options and are typically all-you-can-eat affairs with a plethora of cookables to choose from. When you do it at home, though, you have to be a bit choosier with what you buy, unless you have a bunch of people, you’re really hungry, or money is not a concern when you’re buying the food.