So you know how I said in the last post that finding shochu was unexpectedly difficult? Yeah. Multiply that by like ten with respect to finding a whole squid.

My original plan for this food series was to mimic the photos as closely as possible, so for this one, I wanted to find a chrysanthemum and the shisho blossoms and some maple leaves and all that good stuff. Anyway, surprise, it’s winter and even though the weather has been a whole lot of ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ recently, it’s still not flower time. Plus, it’s actually really hard finding edible flowers in general for me…

But squid – people everywhere like squid! It is a common thing to eat. How hard could it be to find a whole squid? I wasn’t even looking for a colossal squid (even though they’re amazing – cephalopods in general are so cool) but a general squid that people eat!

Anyway, it was exceptionally difficult to find a whole squid. I eventually found some but it is way more common to see squid rings. It was frustrating.