So while shochu could’ve been an easy post, I instead decided that I should roll it into a post that includes a real recipe of some sort. This was decided before I actually went out to find a bottle of shochu, which proved much more difficult than anticipated… I did, however, find out that we have a decent sake selection, and more soju than expected. And also a lot of Chinese rice wine. I really lucked out in that the one liquor store that carried shochu in-stores (as opposed to ordering online for delivery) is the one I can see from my balcony window.

Anyway, apparently shochu originates in Kyushu, which is very appropriate for the show! Shochu is a Japanese distilled alcohol that is around 25% alcohol by volume. It can be made with a variety of different grains, but is fermented with the same mold that sake is – koji. Soy sauce is also fermented using koji! It is a super useful fungus.